Top 10 Police Cars in the World – 2022


Top 10 Police Car In The World – 2022: The gleaming, flamboyant police super-cars seen in Hollywood movies are not just mere fantasy, but also exist in reality. In India, these cars are far away from the police. However, one reason for this could also be the lack of roads compliant with these cars. But seeing these ten police super-cars of the world, you will be filled with excitement. See the top 10 Police Cars in the World and which countries are using which super-car as a police car.


Amazing Police Vehicles of different types are used by police corps around the world to carry out investigation tasks, patrol the streets, protect coastal areas or carry out special missions. These are the top 10 police cars in the world.



1. Tesla Model S


It is a unique patrol car from the Los Angeles Police Department. In addition, it entered service in 2019 in the Hollywood Division as part of a program that aims to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. According to Electrek’s report, the company has not made any mention of the features of its vehicle, but it seems that its performance will be similar to the Model-3.


best police cars 2021


However, this vehicle can reach a speed of 155 miles or 250 kilometres per hour and go from zero to 62 miles or 100 kilometers per hour in 2.5 seconds. Also, it has a range of 373 miles or 600 kilometres and different equipment has been incorporated to adapt it to police use. Further, more and more police departments are using Tesla vehicles as squad cars. This is truly top 10 Police Cars in the World.


2. Bugatti Veyron


best police cars 2021


The Dubai Police has several high-end sports cars including a Bugatti Veyron. In addition, this car can reach a maximum speed of more than 250 miles or 400 kilometres per hour and is considered the fastest police in the world. It also has an engine with 1000 horsepower and can go from zero to 62 miles or 100 kilometres per hour in just two and a half seconds. However, this vehicle has broken world records in recent years and with it, the city police intend to be friendly to tourists.


3. Lamborghini Huracan



The Italian State Police has two Lamborghini Huracan that entered service in 2015, and 2017. In addition, it first entered service in the city of Rome and the second in the city of Bologna. Furthermore, this car can reach a speed of 200 miles or 325 kilometers per hour and go from zero to 62 miles or 100 kilometers per hour in 3.2 seconds. These vehicles are used in highway operations and also for health care jobs such as transporting organs. Both have special equipment such as computers, recording cameras, or defibrillators.


4. Quadski Patrol


best police cars 2021


It is a four-wheel amphibious vehicle that has been manufactured in New Zealand. It is designed to go from land to water quickly and is powered by a jet propulsion system. It’s highly maneuverable and has great acceleration. It can transition from land to water in just about five seconds. Quadski Patrol has a motor with 140 horsepower and can reach a maximum speed of 45 miles or 72 kilometers per hour both on land and in the water. It has an approximate autonomy of 2 hours in the water or 370 miles or 600 kilometers on land.


5. Dodge Charger


best police cars 2021


The Dodge Charger is an iconic car and speaks to the excellence of American automobile engineering. It is a powerful and very efficient vehicle that has made a name for itself on the racing track as well. This car has also been shown a lot on the film screen, in which the police use this car to catch the fleeing criminals. The Dodge Charger is one of the fastest police cars in America. People even say that this is America’s most beloved police car. This luxurious vehicle has been modified with a V8 engine and it generates power of 292 hp. The Charger is a police interceptor car with a top speed of 237 kmph. The company had launched this car in the year 2005.


6. Porsche Panamera


best police cars 2021


Qatar’s police use a luxurious sports car like the Porsche Panamera for patrolling. Let us tell you that the government of Qatar is a shareholder in the German automobile manufacturer Porsche. So it’s not a big deal for him to acquire the very precious supercar for his police fleet. The Porsche Panamera being used in Qatar is one of the fastest police cars in the world. The engine of this car generates a power of 330 PS. The top speed of this car is 270 kmph. This car can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 5.6 seconds.


7. Nissan GT-R


best police cars 2021


The Nissan GT-R is used by the Abu Dhabi Police as well as the Japanese police.  In Abu Dhabi, this police car is used for promotional purposes only.  Whereas in Japan the GT-R has been donated so that a powerful cruiser car can be used in the police fleet. According to the report, the GT-R in Japan was donated by a resident of Tochigi Prefecture. The local police chief accepted the donation with great pleasure and organized a ceremony to induct it into the police fleet. The Nissan GT-R is a very powerful car that is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.8-L V6 engine. This engine generates the power of 570 PS and a torque of 637 Nm. This car can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 3 seconds.



8. Lotus Exige Cruiser



The Lotus Exige Cruiser is a very powerful car from the UK automobile company that makes sports cars and racing cars. The top speed of this car is 225 km/h. The Lotus Exige Cruiser is a police cruiser used in Sydney, Australia, and Sussex, UK. The Sussex Police Department has reportedly been using the Exige car for diplomatic purposes. Apart from this, she uses it as a patrol car to keep a watch on speeding people.


According to the police, the Lotus Exige is a great-looking sports car that attracts teenagers.  The idea behind using the Exige car is that teenagers will be attracted to this car, and come to see it up close. After which the police can educate them about safe driving habits.  However, in Sydney, the Exige car is only used for one thing, and that is to catch people who are breaking the law and run away.


9.Toyota Axios




Police in Bangladesh uses many vehicles for patrolling. But recently the police of Khulna City, the country’s third-largest city, have bought Toyota Axios sedan cars. According to reports, Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP) officials have purchased new cars in the police fleet to reach the police at the earliest in long-distance cases. Equipped with all kinds of modern technology and equipment required for policing, these cars also include Toyota Axios car with 1500 cc engine.


10. Maruti Gypsy



The top 10 cars in the world- 2022 | Indian Police fleet includes vehicles like Toyota Innova, Tavera, Scorpio, Bolero, Ertiga. But it would not be wrong to say that Maruti’s Gypsy is one of the oldest cars of the Indian Police which is still in use. The Maruti Suzuki Gypsy India has grown for more than 35 years. This SUV gets a 1300 cc petrol engine which generates power of 80 bhp. It is a reliable off-roader that can easily traverse every rough road in India.  It is very useful to prove the entire vehicle for the Indian police.  Maruti Gypsy had two versions – Soft comes top and hardtop. Maruti has stopped production.  The company is soon to launch a new avatar.


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Police cars are often a bit generic. Policemen sometimes have to do long duty from morning till late at night. Sometimes they don’t even have air conditioning. And then during the summer days, the situation is even worse. But in many countries around the world, police officers carry out their duty in some very beautiful and powerful cars. However, we have discussed top 10 Police Cars in the World and some special and important police patrol cars, used by police around the world.


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